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Social Anxiety

We are mirrors.
Social Anxiety
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Can you remain stable in the storm?

I struggle to.


Because I have to mask and it's a lot of work.

Why do you have to mask?

So people can see me as strong and compassionate and fun.

Are you not?

I am sometimes, but not all of the time.

Why isn't it enough?

Because then they'll see how fearful and selfish and dark I can be the rest of the time.

These are human conditions. Why is that bad?

They don't like it, so they'll judge me for it. They'll hold it against me.

What happens if they do that?

Then they'll leave & attack & ostracize & betray me.

Why wouldn't they share their supposed abundance of compassion and strength and light with you when you're struggling with your own supply?

Because I don't deserve it? And I'm not entitled to that?

Maybe. But they do have a choice. And it sounds to me like they too are making choices out of their own fear, and selfishness, and darkness sometimes.

...like me?

Yes. Like you.

We are mirrors.

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