Want Support on Your Journey?

Developing healthier, deeper, and more empowering connections with ourselves and the people around us can be as difficult as it is necessary.

It usually requires us to heal some shit, and that's heavy.

If you're here, I'm assuming a part of you knows that having support & guidance along the way would make a big difference for you.

It makes a big difference for all of us.

The Right Kind of Support Will Strive To:

✨ Consider what you actually want instead of just what they think you should want

✨ Lead with compassion and empathy, even (and especially) when you express the pieces of yourself you're afraid of or hide away

✨ Give you a different perspective, or better yet, help you find your own

✨ Validate your experience

✨ See your intentions as valid and worthy of consideration

✨ Accept and encourage your ability to make your own decisions, even when it's in direct contradiction of the advice they're giving you

Gently challenge any patterns that might be causing you harm

✨ Be honest if they're struggling to support

✨ Be willing to help you find information, research further for you, or point you in a direction of someone else who can help if they cannot

✨ Do all of this and more with love & compassion instead of judgment and fear

The truth is, a lot of people don't have this kind of support.

But you might be able to.

You're in the right place if you're working on any or all of the following:

  • Developing a deeper sense of awareness about who and why you are
  • Discovering your patterns, which ones you'd like to adjust, and which ones you'd like to keep
  • Understanding why you're getting triggered, how to regulate your emotions, and how to heal
  • Developing more confidence and compassion for yourself
  • Feeling safer in your relationships with other people
  • Becoming less judgmental and more supportive of the people around you
  • Getting better at setting, communicating, and honoring your boundaries without questioning if you're still good-hearted or safe
  • Committing to healthy choices in your relationships moving forward
  • Being more secure in your relationships moving forward
  • Practice forgiveness, empathy, compassion, and love for yourself and others
  • Feel less afraid and insecure
  • Letting go of relationships that are no longer healthy for you, and having emotional support to help you through that journey...

If you're working on any or all of these, not only can I support you, I would be happy to.

Journey With Me

See if We're a Fit

Support with me isn't a Zoom call, it's a journey.

One where you're committing to your own growth, development, and healing. And I come on board and commit equally so to supporting you along the way in the ways I've described above.

But I'd never expect you to walk into that commitment without actually getting a feel for how we vibe.

This is why we start with a Complimentary Discovery Call.

Discovery Call

We start by hopping on a video call just to see if we're a good fit to work together.

I'll be asking questions to help you communicate what you need from me.

My questions will be centered around nuances of the situation you're in, the outcome you're looking for, what you've tried before, and of course any boundaries you might have right now (things you're not willing to try).

If it turns out I can help you, I will explain what that experience will look like, including investment and payment options.

I'll answer any questions you have and help you problem solve any hurdles that you might foresee.

Your decision is yours either way. I won't pressure you out of it.


Why can't I just book a single call?

It's likely that you've spent 20+ years practicing the habits you'll likely decide you want to break. That won't happen in a single call.

Change takes ongoing practice. The kind of support I offer is practice-based, to accommodate that truth.

What format is this?

A combination of video calls and the ability to message me on the side between calls. You'll also get resources either directly from me, or ones that I recommend, as the need comes up.

Is this one of those $5,000 programs?


Working with me isn't cheap, but it's much more affordable than the high-ticket programs you've likely come across.

For any other questions:

Remember, the discovery call is a FREE, no pressure call to see if we're a good fit.