A Crash Course on Feeling, for the Thinking Types

Watch below for details (under 3 mins):

I found so many answers on my journey and think about emotions completely differently now...

Here's some of the stuff you get to explore in the crash course:

  • How to stop trying to control your emotions and start partnering with them instead
  • Practical steps to use your emotions to make healthier decisions

  • A logical explanation for how our feelings can connect us to our sense of purpose, meaning, connection, and fulfillment in life
  • How to stop judging, second-guessing, and doubting that your feelings are here for a reason

  • What it ACTUALLY means to "feel your feelings" (and how to go about that)
  • The real reason we struggle to connect with, feel, and trust our emotions - and what that means for the journey to reconnect and rebuild that trust

  • How our feelings can give us answers about life's most troubling issues and dilemmas
  • One question to soothe fear (can even work with low grade anxiety)

  • How to stop big, challenging feelings in their tracks, before they take over
  • And a few ways to soothe them after they've already started to overwhelm you

  • What your relationship anxiety might actually be telling you (and how it might not be as bad as you think, or even about the other person)
  • The feelings that can lighten and genuinely transform your healing journey (but not enough people are having this conversation)

  • Why our nervous systems won't let us "feel" our feeling sometimes
  • And how to start walking into that process

  • How to quickly get important messages from your emotions about what you need (and how to fulfill that need)
  • The power of presence.

  • What anger, sadness, and fear really need from us
  • And how easy it really is to discover the rest

What's Included

  • 6 video lessons
  • All videos are under 10 minutes
  • 9 activities to start putting each lesson into practice
  • Downloadable resources
  • Pointers on how to stay self-sufficient beyond the crash course
  • Access to book one-time private sessions with me (only paid subscribers get access to single sessions without signing up for my coaching program)

The "Know Your Feelings" Crash Course is free when you sign up for the "journey" subscription tier.