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Self Worth Activity - Mirrors

"The things that bother us in other people are the things we dislike most about ourselves"
Self Worth Activity - Mirrors

If you caught the post about self worth coming from within and you liked it, I've got an activity for you to try out this week to help put it into practice.

Repeat this as often as needed.

The Premise

You know how people will say things like:

  • "the world is a mirror"
  • "the things we dislike in other people are the things we dislike in ourselves"

Or even better...

  • "the things we love in others are really the parts of ourselves we love being reflected back at us"

They're not wrong.

If you're struggling with self-worth the remedy begins & ends with facing yourself.

After all, how you gonna find someone worthy if you can't even sit with them?

It takes practice. Take breaks as needed. Breathe deeply.

Let's Begin.

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