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When you give yourself permission to practice your courage, everyone around you also gets permission to practice their own.
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Courage and vulnerability are married.

It's when we perceive fear, big risk, and do it anyway.

It looks different for everyone.

This morning I had to drum up the courage to ask for help and tell some people who I love very much where I believe we're all failing one another, which is historically a challenging thing for me to do.

They never fail to prove to me what a privilege it is to love and be loved by them.

For someone else in the same position, it might've been the first time they decided to bet on themselves. To figure it out alone instead of depending on social support.

The suit of courage isn't one-size-fits-all.

The truth is that we each have our own internal compass that tells us what direction our individual courage is.

For one person it's courageous to let themselves cry and walk away.

For another, it's courageous to speak up, even if it's through tears.

Regardless of your courage, the reward is being proud of yourself for doing it. For proving to yourself that you can. For seeing and recognizing your own strength.

For standing in your values.

For standing in your truth.

A part of the reward is the relief you feel when it doesn't all come tumbling down around you.

And one of the most brilliant rewards is when you notice that courage is a gift to everyone around you.

When you give yourself permission to practice your courage, everyone around you also gets permission to practice their own.

To stand out.

Whether it's saying the thing no one else has been willing to say.

Asking for help.

Having the courage to let yourself matter.

Having the courage to sit with your own feelings, or otherwise, share them.

Having the courage to turn your phone off, and let the day belong to yourself instead of the system for once.

Having the courage to take the day off, make the investment, quit the job, and ask for the raise (while telling them you deserve it with your whole chest).

Having the courage to admit you can't do this alone, or having the courage to admit that you can.

We know we're being called to courage when we feel we want to do is the scariest thing on the list and those anxious voices start bubbling up.

I'll let them down...

They'll reject me...

What will they think/say...

It's wrong/bad for me to take up space...

It's wrong/bad for me to say no...

Whatever your courage is pointing you toward today, ask yourself:

  1. What am I giving up by not showing courage right now?
  2. How might I be betraying myself?
  3. What if...finish the sentence with a realistic answer, it's usually not as bad as we thought it as going to be. It's usually something we can handle.

How can you practice courage today?

Rooting for you.


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