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Your Mind / Your Life

"Your mind has to move in a different direction before your life will."
Your Mind / Your Life
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Healing comes directly after ownership. 

It comes when we take a look around and realize "there's no danger right here, right now."

When we allow that truth to slow us down so we can take a look at our patterns.

To view them differently.

We look at our patterns and say, “this is my pattern. It doesn’t belong to anyone else but me. I'm taking care of it, now.”

We take responsibility for our patterns, and with responsibility comes power.  

If it belongs to me that means I own it. I can do something about it. I can change it. 

I figure out how to come home to myself. How to take ownership of my Self

This is how I change my patterns. Because my life belongs to me. So those patterns showing up in my life also belong to me.

This requires a high enough level of maturity to recognize the difference between fault and responsibility.

Responsibility is ownership.

It might not be my fault the fire was set on my territory. But it's my responsibility to put it out.

How are you perceiving your patterns?

Is that perception working for you?

Are you healing? Are you connected? Are you happy?

Your mind has to move in a different direction before your life will. 

There's magic in the reframe.


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