Wait! Let's Prep for Your Call👇🏽

I'm so glad you booked!

Before you close the page, please watch the video for next steps & call prep.

Suggested Prep

If you're feeling a little nervous or intimidated before the call, clarity breeds confidence. More often than not in situations like these, we're afraid of the unknown. When we can get a vision of the kind of experience we want to have, we tend to feel way less fear.  

Do the following to prep to help.

Answer These Questions

  1. What problem do you want the call to support you with solving or working through
  2. What life goal do you want the call to help you with
  3. What's your goal for the call itself (what outcome would you be happy with upon logging off of the call)
  4. What resistance do you feel coming up both in solving the problem and any fears or resistance around the call itself

The more specific you are with these answers the more clarity you'll gain.

You're welcome to send me the answers via DM or email them to me at tori@torireid.org as well. This could help me plan how to support you on the call and we can hit the ground running.

Get Into Partner Mindset

Another reason we struggle with fear is we feel a lack of control.

I know that can be amplified when we're used to hierarchical dynamics. These kinds of dynamics often show up in coaching/client relationships. When the coach is seen as the "expert" it's bad to question or push back, and the client is just supposed to "listen and take action".

I don't agree that this is the most effective way to coach.

So I want to let you know now, your voice is THE most important voice on this call, and your ability to trust yourself is way more important than your ability to take anything I say without question.

That doesn't mean I won't challenge you in ways I think you're open to & are healthy for you, but ultimately this is your journey, and you have autonomy over how you conduct it.

You're the pilot. I'm the co-pilot at best.

We're partners.

So yes, my hope is that you respect and consider any feedback or advice you get on the call with an open mind, of course. But on that same note, I respect your choices and I seek to empower your ability to choose what works for you.

So at any time, no matter who's leading the moment on the call, remember that you're welcome to:

  • Set expectations and ask for what you want
  • Be transparent around resistance you feel to any advice & feedback
  • Give feedback & address how you like to be supported (some people like direct answers, while others prefer the "guide me to my own answers" route. I'm cool either way if you have a preference or know what works well for you).
  • Set boundaries that help you feel comfortable and safe
  • Pretty much anything else you want to do. It's your party.


Dig into anything that feels relevant to you before the call.

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