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Healing Your Attachment Wounds
This is for you if you’ve ever found yourself trying to convince someone to love you - or show you they mean it. If you run from vulnerability, even when you want it. Or if you never really know what to expect, and it shows.
The Art of Trust
I realize now that what I really wanted was to outsource the work of really seeing people. But seeing people, and I mean really seeing them, can’t be outsourced.
Boundaries: A Practice
Boundaries aren’t about getting other people to treat you better. Boundaries are about getting YOURSELF to treat you better.
Why Humans Suck at Emotional Intimacy
What happens when we discover the emotional body?
The Art of Suffering
I dedicate this article to my father, and a practice that’s saved my life on more than one occasion.
How to be “Good Selfish”
“Generosity”, as we were taught it, is just a catchall for giving ourselves to others. With no guidance or encouragement on when enough is enough, when it’s okay to say no, when it’s okay to choose ourselves.

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