privacy policy
I updated my privacy policy and made it super fun & easy for you since people are so sensitive about information they make public these days: 

Privacy Policy

I don't/won't share your *shit. 

I don't/won't sell your shit. 

And I won't/didn't buy your shit.

I collect & store your data using third-party applications and will not be held liable for any recklessness on their behalf concerning the sharing/trading of shits.

I have never seen nor will I ever see your CC information because I use Stripe and/or PayPal to process payments. Both companies are insured and reputable.

I also use other applications to retarget your arse with ads -- and you should be doing the same. 

Should I ever decide to share your shit it'll be in the form of a JV partnership and you'll be made completely aware of it because you'll sign up for the shit-sharing on your own accord through an opt-in page where you'll be made aware that your shit is being shared with said JV partner.

If you sign up for any opt-in page created by/on behalf of yours truly you damn well bet I'm emailing your ass some fire hot actionable tips or really cool & entertaining stories w/ morals that will make you love me because that's the damn point.

Any time you'd like to leave this list the unsubscribe button is in plain view at the bottom of this email. 

Be well, friend. 

*Shit = Personal information - namely your email and CC information. Does not include testimonial/story info though I do tend to be very mindful of asking permission before sharing a story as a lesson.

If I missed anything let me know. This GDPR stuff is confusing.

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