It's time for you to be Recognized & Paid to Be the expert.
What You Will Accomplish In The Expert Foundations 10 Week Program:
Identifying Your Audience
Imagine someone walks up to you and starts talking about football....but you hate football, which they would know if they knew you. You need to know your audience, so you can know how to talk to them and get them to listen to you as an expert. This is the #1 thing that new industry leaders get wrong. You get to get it right. 
Craft Your Message
Now, imagine that you get 10,000 of the right people into the room, but nothing you say resonates. You just spent all that time attracting 10,000 people who you know you can help for no reason. This is the second biggest issue I see with new industry leaders. You get to get it right. 
Create a Community Around Your Brand
How do the "gurus" create a community of people rooting and cheering for them, eating up every word they say, and happily purchasing their products? They do it through community building & social science strategies that are easy to implement if you just know what they are. 
Create Your Blue Ocean
Why do certain experts stand out in the market? How do you get people to pay attention to you in a crowded space? By leaving the crowd and creating your own blue ocean, full of opportunity that no one else has found yet. But how do you do that? Expert Foundations walks you through the simple steps for getting it done.
Attract a Cold Audience & Warm Them Up Quickly
Simple steps to give your audience the perfect introductory content to get them to go from "stranger danger" to "YOU'RE THE BEST" overnight (literally). 
Network Like an Expert
In the expert game your network really is your net worth. I used to think I could never do it. I used to think I hated people and that they were mean, and that putting myself out there was a lost cause. I was wrong -- I simply wasn't networking with the right people, or networking in the right way. Expert Foundations teaches you how to build relationships that matter, and that you enjoy, in your space. 
Confidence Building
Imposter Syndrome? Not sure you're really cut out for this? Expert Foundations puts exercises in front of you, simple steps that you just follow to start alleviating your mental roadblocks that hold you back from fulfilling your potential. 

"The first negotiation is you with yourself." - Paloma Lev
Brand Visibility
This is the secret the gurus don't tell you about. How to appear to be everywhere at once -- even when you're on a small budget. And the steps to grow your omnipresence as your budget grows. Master the Rule of 7 and people will warm up to your brand & your offers like clockwork. 
Media presence, brand exposure, relationship building, conquering video...

All of this + a special bonus for you once your foundation is finally in place. 

PLUS a free bonus: a private student group of other budding experts for you to network with & grow with, so you're never alone.
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