#FreeTori Bundle Bonuses (Expire Friday, August 31st, 2018)
To celebrate everyone who showed support for #FreeTori, I'm throwing in ridiculous bonuses for this package that expire Friday August 31st, 2018.

30 Day Voxer Support

Ever wish you had someone you could just call when you had a question? Someone who understood your specific situation a little better than Google - so you didn't have to do a runaround or testing. 

Someone who "gets it". A mentor, if you will. 

Voxer support is any-time access to me in your pocket - within reason. Literally any question you have, any hurdle you're facing, I'm a vox away for 30 days to make sure you're getting results. 

I've only done this as a free bonus once before, and I doubt I'll do it again any time soon. It's an awesome value, but it takes a lot of time! So get it while it's here.

Expert Foundations 10-Week Program

"People stopped wondering if I was worth their money, and started wondering if I could afford them. And that's a really good fucking seat to be in."

I really thought this whole "expert positioning" thing was just like any other marketing I was doing. I found out the hard way I was really, really wrong. Haha 

There's a lot of marketing involved, and definitely a lot of content marketing, but there's other stuff. 

Like authority positioning, networking, confidence, PR, and more. 

Expert Foundations is a 10-week program to help you understand exactly what you need to do to make your industry respect you as their leader. 

10 weeks of easy, quick lessons & action steps. It's a light workload with a high impact.

This means more confidence, better accolades, higher prices, more respect, and an overall a more impactful seat to sit in when you're building your brand.
The 60-Day, 3-Way Guarantee
Look, I know this is a hefty investment, which means you're feeling a hefty risk. 

I'm happy to take that risk away for you. 

You want an ROI? There are 4 ways I guarantee it over the next 90 days.
Guarantee #1, The Squad + 4 Group Coaching Calls With Tori
You want your questions answered, right? 

You want you work reviewed and proofed so you know you're headed in the right direction? 

Well, you get a squad for that, and I'm a huge, present part of it just to make sure you're not alone or off track.

Once you're in the student group you'll be surrounded by other students on the same road as you, who are happy to be a community and help. 
Guarantee #2, Group Coaching Calls With Tori
In addition to, I conduct regular group coaching calls for free. Right now they're conducted every other week, with the next one scheduled for Thursday. 

These calls are lit. Students hop off them and make money right away. You in?
Guarantee #3, Deep Dive With Tori
If you're using the squad, showing up for the AMA's, and following the steps (to a tee), and somehow still not seeing results, I'm getting involved. 

I can't have anyone saying my shit doesn't work, so trust me, I'll want this as much as you do. 

We'll hop on a call and I'll give you a complete content audit to find the holes in your content and plug them up myself if necessary.

The bottom line is I want you to win as much as you do. Maybe even more. I'm sensitive about my shit.
Guarantee #4, Your Money Back Plus Some
Now, if you've taken all the steps, consulted the squad, gotten and used your audit, and somehow still aren't seeing results? 

(I must admit, I'm struggling to write this because it's unheard of with this program) 

But, to satisfy your need for security, if this somehow happens, I'll give you your money back plus $100 bonus just to say you got something out of it one way or another.

Just contact me directly on day 60 at
Now, if you want to: 

grow your audience,

make a huge impact

and elevate your income to boot 

(with guaranteed support from me and other, successful students)

Click the button below to join us.
Disclaimer: The results you see in any of my testimonials here or otherwise are real experiences willingly shared by real people who've tested or used my methods. Most are not uncommon. They are not, however, to be taken as a guarantee that you will achieve the same results. Results may vary on an individual basis.